Live Streaming - Corporate

Nasdaq has embraced the Facebook Live world with open arms. Every day the market is open they stream live from the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. They use Vidpresso to share the studio content directly to their Facebook page.

You can catch their live opening bell show any given day on their Facebook page. Beyond that simulcast show, you can also catch their #BehindtheBell show where they do a longer interview with their bell-ringing guests. This is an excellent way to broaden digital reach and create more content for their audience. They also produce other series like The Millennial Report on occasion.

Their varied streams allow them to reach all corners of their audience with bite-sized streams for anyone in a hurry, and more in-depth streams for others.

Vidpresso’s platform allows Nasdaq to connect a full studio setup and multiple cameras directly to their Facebook audience, while still allowing them to customize the show for the live stream audience.