Live Streaming - Reporting

Several news outlets use Vidpresso to create impacting and engaging stories for their respective audiences. Some of our partners report directly from their TV broadcasting studios and share the same content simulcast to their Facebook page.

Other Partners use Vidpresso to bring the news to them. Using our remote guest feature or our iOS app they can have reporters on location report on the events they’re covering.

With Vidpresso, journalism organizations can stream pool video and add their own commentary. Any event that is shared to the press at large can be used along with our Picture-in-Picture feature to create the perfect live stream.

Journalism outlets can stream their studio content with their broadcast graphics, or they can use a modified graphics package to encourage more engagement and give their Facebook live stream a unique experience.

Vidpresso can be used to share a behind-the-scenes look at regular broadcasts. Allow your Facebook audience to see behind the curtain, let them watch the floor director and camera-ops, or encourage them to comment on stories in real time.

There are plenty of ways you can use Vidpresso to enhance your reporting and grow your online communities. Expand your reach and maintain your high-quality production value.