Live Streaming - Sports

Turner Sports operates the productions for many sports channels from the PGA to NBA TV. They’ve used Vidpresso to cover everything from the NBA Summer league to the Ryder Cup. Vidpresso gives them the tools to enhance their live coverage of sporting events and even helps as they bring their Facebook fans into events that aren’t traditionally broadcast live.

Recently, NBA TV went live from the Golden State Warriors Shootaround. Viewers on Facebook could see the team shooting around the arena and preparing for a game with Portland later that night.

After a few minutes “3D” Dennis Scott from NBA-TV jumped in to interview Steph Curry on his segment, Shooters Paradise.” Live viewers got to see some behind the scenes as Scott recorded his segment to air later. You can catch the entire 20 min stream here.

They’ve customized their graphics to match the broadcast counterparts and fully brand their live streams complete with event-specific bugs, lower thirds and even a scoring template. They’ve also been able to monetize several of their streams by partnering with sponsors like Nike and Verizon to sponsor events like the Shootaround or the 2016 NBA Ring Ceremony. Vidpresso helps in their efforts by making sure they conform to Facebook’s branded content policy. You can watch the Ring Ceremony as it happened live on Facebook here.

Sports is one of the best uses for live streaming, as competition between opponents creates an energy and an excitement for the audience that is difficult to match with scripted content. Vidpresso can help you take your sports content production to the next level while making it easier and quicker to produce.