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How is Vidpresso used?


The New York Times uses Vidpresso to connect reporters with stories across the world while engaging a global audience. Fusion Video live streamed Donald Trump's address in Mexico. Tech Reporters at Mashable held their own 'pre' and 'post' show for the iPhone 7 launch event.

NY Times: Julian Assage Fusion Video: Trump Addresses Mexico Mashable: iPhone 7 Launch


Buzzfeed and Mashable use Vidpresso to create engaging live streams ranging from the artistic to the strange.

Mashable: AJR Mashable: Bob Draws Buzzfeed: Shaggy BoredAF: World’s Biggest Pancake Stack BoredAF: Justin and James Music


Turner Broadcasting has used Vidpresso to stream everything from the PGA tour to interviews with players from the NBA Summer League. ... more

NBA: Summer League PGA: Polls


TED uses Vidpresso to expand the reach of their TED Talks to a broader audience in real-time.

TED: Gina Barnett TED: Helen Fisher


NASDAQ uses Vidpresso to share their daily opening and closing bell announcements as well as many other live shows like the “Millenial Report” and “TechTalk” on Facebook.

NASDAQ: iPhone 7 Launch NASDAQ: Bill Chetney

Branded Content

Turner Sports Teamed up with Nike for the 2016 NBA Ring Ceremony live stream. Buzzfeed Animals partnered with Subaru to support puppy adoptions with Branded Content.

Turner Sports: NBA Ring Ceremony Buzzfeed Animals: Make a Dog's Day: Puppy Edition


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