Who We Are

##The New Way to Broadcast

We're a rag-tag group of broadcast refugees looking to make it easier and less expensive to create high quality broadcast-style productions. Most of our group has spent time working in broadcast and video production either on the editorial or production side, so we know the pain points broadcasters face.

Our approach? We think it's strange that broadcast technology evolved essentially in a vacuum from the rest of regular technology. Principles that are common place in regular software are completely foreign in broadcast software. We're bringing the best of cloud computing and internet-native software to the proprietary, expensive world of broadcast hardware to create the simplest, most affordable solutions for broadcasters.

  • Randall Bennett



    Randall has worked with big broadcasters like ESPN, as well as online outlets like Engadget. He's part broadcast and part hacker.

  • Justin Carter


    Broadcast Graphics

    Justin has worked as an Emmy® award winning broadcast designer for over 10 years, and is comfortable in 2D, 3D and building the highest quality stencils for Vidpresso.

  • Hassan Salahuddin


    Sales / BD

    Since leaving Wall Street, Hassan has been involved in internet, telecom and media ventures. He primarily handles Sales and Business Development.

  • Jake Carpenter


    Software Developer

    Jake has been a media hacker since high school. One of his first programs emulated the switcher at school so he could practice switching at home. Since then he's helped build TV stations, create public access websites, and broadcast from the Arctic.

  • Pauli Ojala


    Software Developer

    Pauli was born in Espoo, Finland. His childhood interests were Russian icons, Egyptian theology, Finnish modernist church architecture and the C programming language. After detours in graphic design and film editing, he returned to C and has been making video software since.

  • Eric Sandine


    Customer Support Lead

    Eric has worked with startups doing it all: coding, support, and fixing problems whenever they crop up.

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