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Facebook Live Highlights from the Past Week 

Vidpresso-powered streams collectively reached 70 million viewers this weekend. This past inauguration weekend was a busy one for live streaming on Facebook. Many news organizations carried the Inauguration Day events live on their Facebook pages, while others chose alternative topics to live stream.   CNBC, Reuters, Fusion, NBC News, Mashable, BuzzFeed News and more, all […]


Data Visualization with TODAY’s WineBOT

Data visualization just got a whole lot more fun! Most often, data-viz means collecting data and turning it into a representative graphic, which is fun in its own right, but it becomes even more impressive when you add an Arduino Uno and some alcohol. The WineBOT is LIVE! Today’s question:… – Kathie Lee and Hoda […]

The Geo-fence: Locking Down Your Live Stream with Vidpresso

Under normal circumstances you want your live stream to reach as many people as possible. However, the time may come when you need to restrict your live stream to a specific location or even time-zone. Examples of this might be for Sports broadcasting where your license or broadcast rights only cover a specific region. Or […]


Nasdaq Rings the Opening Bell with Vidpresso

Nasdaq has embraced the Facebook Live world with open arms. Every day the market is open they stream live from the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. They use Vidpresso to share the studio content directly to their Facebook page. You can catch their live opening bell show any given day on their Facebook page. Beyond […]


Mad Money Streams Live on Facebook

Jim Cramer has been hosting Mad Money on CNBC for over 10 years. Today his team pushed a 20 min live show to Facebook powered by Vidpresso. Unlike his nightly 6 p.m. EST show on CNBC, Jim opened the show by introducing his team, from producers, to Keith the camera-man. He then gave some lite […]

Vidpresso Lands 2 of the Top 5 Facebook Live Streams of 2016

Facebook just shared their annual Year in Review stats. They traditionally list the Top 10 global topics, like “Pokemon Go,” “Brexit,” and “The US Presidential Election.” However, this year they included a list of the Top Ten global Live videos from 2016. This list of Live was based on total cumulative views. Vidpresso powered 2 […]

RTMP Streaming in Vidpresso

Vidpresso has always been the easiest way to create TV quality Facebook Live streams. Now you can do even more with Vidpresso! We just launched RTMP Streaming Destinations. Using this new tool you can now schedule your live streams on Facebook. If you decide you want to go live at 5:30, Let your audience know […]


Live Streaming Entertainment

Media outlets like Mashable and BuzzFeed use their live streams on Facebook to entertain their audiences while increasing brand awareness, loyalty and return viewers. Vidpresso helps improve the quality of their live streams while helping them increase their engagement and interaction. Both BuzzFeed and Mashable have offices/studios in NYC and the LA area. They also […]

Vidpresso Launches in Germany

We’ve partnered with some friends in Germany to offer our platform for enhancing Facebook Live to even more people! The Germany team has launched a website for the service at vidpresso.com/de complete with German translated blog posts and a native German speaking support team. If you want to reach Vidpresso in Germany just email info@vidpresso.de […]