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Panels: Send To Air Faster

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One of our major goals at Vidpresso is to make sending anything to air as easy as possible. In order to keep moving toward that goal we realized we needed to update our interface a bit. We're getting ready to roll out a new interface that we think you're going to love. We're calling it "Panels".

As a producer, when you wanted to create a channel or playlist there used to be a modal that popped up. This modal, however, blocked your ability to send something to air while you were creating a new channel or playlist. We needed to find an easier way for producers to see what information was relevant without blocking you from sending things to air.

Panels will also allow you to edit channels and playlists, instead of the old way - having to delete and create new ones. The Output Settings panel will also now be your go-to for any information concerning your output. This panel will let you switch your output stencil and change any stencil values you might have (ads, headlines, etc).

This new interface is also hiding some things: New Features. Panels will allow us to roll out new channels and content types much more quickly and with an interface that will be easier to interact with.

We hope this new interface makes your job easier!

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