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You know that Vidpresso is the best way to put Social media on air, but did you know that Vidpresso can do other amazing things too? One of the many benefits of working in this industry is that it is filled with a lot of very creative people. In the recent past, we've had customers use Vidpresso to spice up live events, add a new dimension to special coverage, engage fans, and create dialog during important events. We're always paying attention to our customers and love to see the ways our customers use our platform.

Customers know that Vidpresso increases audience engagement for television, but can we do the same thing for a live event? After many events, we can answer that question with a resounding "Yes!" For example: In a recent professional basketball game that used Vidpresso for the in-house jumbotron as well as broadcast, fans were so excited to see their posts on screen that the hashtag for the game was trending #3 on Twitter in the United States. In another instance, a Vidpresso customer used the platform to display social media on a large screen at a conference to share insights from attendees.

In September, we partnered with Facebook to engage the audience at Madison Square Garden for Prime Minister Modi's visit to New York. Vidpresso featured prominently in Madison Square Garden and in Times Square! The flexibility of our platform enabled our partner to bring a concept to fruition quickly, effectively, and easily.

modi in america

Recently, several of our customers used Vidpresso to spice up their election coverage and brought the signature Vidpresso simplicity they were used to to show live election results. Every election, TV stations around the world are tasked with obtaining election results and presenting it to their audiences in a meaningful way--no small task when you have up to 30 races and 3 sources of election results! One of our customers asked if we could devise a way for them to present election data with the same simplicity we bring to social data. We looked at the problem as a team and came up with something we thought was pretty cool, but we weren't sure that it was something every customer would want. When we announced a limited trial shortly before the election, though, we received more interest than we could accommodate. When Election night rolled around, stations in 3 states displayed live election results using Vidpresso, and even more customers engaged their audiences via our social product.

election producer view

Do you have amazing ideas that we can help you realize? What can your organization achieve? What new audiences can you address? How can we help you get there? Leave a comment or contact us via the contact link below.

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