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Copy a playlist's text for a teleprompter

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So last week we were at NAB, talking to some awesome customers and future customers about what we've built, what's simple, and what's difficult when using Vidpresso. One of the producers from KUSI remarked it's difficult to copy text for use in teleprompters, because when you click on a post, we pop up our editing interface.

Well, good news! We added this little button to the upper left corner of playlists now which is specifically designed to help you copy and paste playlists for use in teleprompters. The ideal workflow is pretty simple: 1) Add posts to a playlist, 2) Click the button, 3) type your "copy" command from your keyboard, 4) insert into your newsroom system. It's pretty simple.

Please let us know what you think. We think little features like this are pretty cool, and we love building them. Please email us: or shoot us an intercom message if you have anything about the system that's difficult to use. We're also trying to reach out to your station quarterly for a "customer success" call, where we can talk about some of the new features and get feedback too. If you haven't previously talked to us on the phone, please do. We love hearing from you.

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