Facebook Live Highlights from the Past Week 


Vidpresso-powered streams collectively reached 70 million viewers this weekend. This past inauguration weekend was a busy one for live streaming on Facebook. Many news organizations carried the Inauguration Day events live on their Facebook pages, while others chose alternative topics to live stream.


CNBC, Reuters, Fusion, NBC News, Mashable, BuzzFeed News and more, all streamed something from Inauguration Day. Combined, the views reached nearly 7 million.

Some chose to share their live streams as an alternative option for viewers. For instance Mashable offered a live stream to help viewers find their “happy place” with the ASPCA and kittens.

BuzzFeed News grabbed a whopping 51 million views and 780K shares by live streaming a “Countdown to next Inauguration Day.” This stream was similar to their countdown to the next election.

The Women’s March the next day also pulled in a tremendous amount of viewers. A single stream by BuzzFeed News grabbed nearly 12 million views. The stream was an unprecedented 6 hour stream. (Facebook currently limits most accounts to 4 hrs.)