Why livestreaming is the future of sports broadcasting.

This week Fox Sports broadcasted a Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Paris-Saint Germain. The reaction from fans of the biggest sport in the world has been amazing. More and more large sports events are being broadcasted online, and with the positive response from fans, these events are sure to grow.  The game between two of the top teams in the league had over 1.1 Million views on Facebook Live, over 13,000 comments, and 27,000 reactions.  These livestreams have made sports organizations start to realize the importance of interacting with their viewers.

Vidpresso played a big part in the event this week. A major feature of Vidpresso is our polling tool, organizations can use this to poll viewers and get quick, real-time answers. This game was a critical one. It decided who would be at the top of the league to head into the post season. Commentating is a huge part of sports, and lets face it, fans love to chime in as well. Using Facebook, fans are able to talk with other fans, as well as the commentators themselves. These features help fans to be able to stay engaged and feel like a part of the game.

Half-time and post-game shows are what ties sporting events together. Vidpresso gives you control when it comes to these shows. With custom graphics, RTMP, polling and social media, you’ll be able to completely interact with your viewers. To try Vidpresso for free click here!

Want to watch this game we’ve been talking about? Check it out on Fox Sport’s Champions League page.