Mad Money Streams Live on Facebook


Jim Cramer has been hosting Mad Money on CNBC for over 10 years. Today his team pushed a 20 min live show to Facebook powered by Vidpresso.

Unlike his nightly 6 p.m. EST show on CNBC, Jim opened the show by introducing his team, from producers, to Keith the camera-man. He then gave some lite predictions about what the Fed was going to announce. As they showed the Fed’s announcement, Jim gave some commentary about what he was hearing. He then spent some time explaining what the 0.25% interest hike would mean for investors and bankers alike.

Facebook viewers asked questions and engaged directly with Jim throughout the entire show. The show included a live viewer question via Skype and they shared a poll asking about viewers’ biggest concerns surrounding the Fed’s decision. The stream had 13K views and over 80 shares. This is “TV without the Station.”

Cramer Discusses The Fed

The Fed's interest rate decision is FINALLY here. Jim Cramer was LIVE answering your questions, taking Skype calls, running polls, and talking implications. Cramer tells all.

Posted by Mad Money on miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016