Live Streaming - Entertainment

Media outlets like Mashable and BuzzFeed use their live streams on Facebook to entertain their audiences while increasing brand awareness, loyalty and return viewers. Vidpresso helps improve the quality of their live streams while helping them increase their engagement and interaction.

Both BuzzFeed and Mashable have offices/studios in NYC and the LA area. They also each have multipless Facebook pages that they manage. Combined they create A LOTof entertainment content.

Some of their properties produce whimsical, strange or absurd content like BuzzFeed’s Bored AF page.You can often find them streaming try-new-food challenges orplaying games live. The BuzzFeed Now page has a daily installment calledTrending on Buzzfeed where they cover the daily trending stories for 30 min.

Mashable LA hosts a weekly talkshow onCinefix where the hosts discuss the latest news and reviews in the movie industry.Mashable NY has several weekly shows like #Buttonmash and Talking Tech with Sam Sheffer.

It’s not just the media moguls who are making entertainment content. Even podcasts like Life of Dad are using Vidpresso to create engaging shows. Life of Dad hosts several weekly shows, including one called Dad Sing-Off that features two singing dads competing over several rounds for fame and glory.

Live streaming is all about entertainment. Keeping your audience engaged and tuned-in takes a lot of effort. Vidpresso can help you make your live streams more interactive, more engaging and easier to produce.