Why livestreaming is the future of sports broadcasting.

This week Fox Sports broadcasted a Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Paris-Saint Germain. The reaction from fans of the biggest sport in the world has been amazing. More and more large sports events are being broadcasted online, and with the positive response from fans, these events are sure to grow.  The game between two of the top teams in the league had over 1.1 Million views on Facebook Live, over 13,000 comments, and 27,000 reactions.  These livestreams have made sports organizations start to realize the importance of interacting with their viewers.

Vidpresso played a big part in the event this week. A major feature of Vidpresso is our polling tool, organizations can use this to poll viewers and get quick, real-time answers. This game was a critical one. It decided who would be at the top of the league to head into the post season. Commentating is a huge part of sports, and lets face it, fans love to chime in as well. Using Facebook, fans are able to talk with other fans, as well as the commentators themselves. These features help fans to be able to stay engaged and feel like a part of the game.

Half-time and post-game shows are what ties sporting events together. Vidpresso gives you control when it comes to these shows. With custom graphics, RTMP, polling and social media, you’ll be able to completely interact with your viewers. To try Vidpresso for free click here!

Want to watch this game we’ve been talking about? Check it out on Fox Sport’s Champions League page.

How UEFA is using Vidpresso to interact with fans.

UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is a worldwide soccer organization that represents some of the biggest teams in soccer. They are always looking for new ways to reach soccer fans and Vidpresso is a great fit for them. UEFA has been broadcasting great content for years, but now with Vidpresso, their live streams have become even more engaging.

Vidpresso allows for broadcasters to integrate polls and real-time voting using social media comments in their live streams. In the above picture, UEFA wanted to know how many fans thought Marcus Rashford would score. All the fans have to do is comment, “Yes” or “No”, and it will register and show up in the polls. This feature has many uses and is not limited to yes or no answers. We also have keyword and reaction based polling that update in real-time

MD4: Manchester United MD-1 training

📺 LIVE: Watch Manchester United train ⚽ #UCL

Posted by UEFA Champions League on Monday, October 30, 2017

You have probably heard of Manchester United, they’re one of the biggest names in soccer with some of the best players in the world. This week, UEFA wanted to allow fans to be on a more personal level with the team. A live stream was a great answer. This live stream, which amassed over 170,000 views, shows the Manchester United team in a practice session.

Live streams are a great way to connect with your audiences whether you work in media, sports or another industry. With Vidpresso, you can reach out to your customers in new ways and drive interaction.

If you have any questions about polling, check out our support page.




Facebook Live Highlights from the Past Week 


Vidpresso-powered streams collectively reached 70 million viewers this weekend. This past inauguration weekend was a busy one for live streaming on Facebook. Many news organizations carried the Inauguration Day events live on their Facebook pages, while others chose alternative topics to live stream.


CNBC, Reuters, Fusion, NBC News, Mashable, BuzzFeed News and more, all streamed something from Inauguration Day. Combined, the views reached nearly 7 million.

Some chose to share their live streams as an alternative option for viewers. For instance Mashable offered a live stream to help viewers find their “happy place” with the ASPCA and kittens.

BuzzFeed News grabbed a whopping 51 million views and 780K shares by live streaming a “Countdown to next Inauguration Day.” This stream was similar to their countdown to the next election.

The Women’s March the next day also pulled in a tremendous amount of viewers. A single stream by BuzzFeed News grabbed nearly 12 million views. The stream was an unprecedented 6 hour stream. (Facebook currently limits most accounts to 4 hrs.)

Data Visualization with TODAY’s WineBOT


Data visualization just got a whole lot more fun! Most often, data-viz means collecting data and turning it into a representative graphic, which is fun in its own right, but it becomes even more impressive when you add an Arduino Uno and some alcohol.

A year ago, Andrew Pinzler, Head of Innovation Labs at TODAY, built a simple and unique method for measuring hashtag votes on Twitter. Recently they started including Facebook voting as well, using Vidpresso to create a Facebook Live stream of the WineBOT segment during their regular broadcast show.

“Two trademarks of the lighthearted fourth hour of TODAY hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are hashtag battles and wine. We fused the two elements in the TODAY WineBOT.” — Andrew Pinzler

Most Wednesdays they choose a “none-too-weighty” topic and present it to their audience and ask them to choose a side using #TeamKLG or #TeamHoda. Here’s where it breaks free from traditional Data-viz. Usually you’d take those votes and have some code that would graphically represent the results as they come in and display it on the live stream.

Pinzler built out a little Arduino-based unit that connects a couple liquid pumps with some tubes that run from wine bottles through a motor pump and into (or hovering just above) a couple wine glasses. One tube runs from a bottle of white wine and the other tube runs from a bottle of red wine.

Pinzler uses node.js to collect the data and control the Arduino setup. Every time the software hears a hashtag coming from Twitter’s or Facebook’s API it turns on the corresponding pump for a half of a second, and, BAM! the visualization becomes tangible. Votes for #TeamKLG trigger the pump connected to the white wine, and votes for #TeamHoda trigger the pump connected to the red wine.

When they share the show on Facebook the segment is live for nearly 30 minutes, giving their Facebook audience a behind-the-scenes look at the voting as it unfolds. They use a GoPro from the studio and mix in a webcam, graphics, picture-in-picture and their own producer/host to make a complete show for their Facebook audience.

Nasdaq Rings the Opening Bell with Vidpresso


Nasdaq has embraced the Facebook Live world with open arms. Every day the market is open they stream live from the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. They use Vidpresso to share the studio content directly to their Facebook page. You can catch their live opening bell show any given day on their Facebook page.

Beyond that simulcast show, you can also catch their #BehindtheBell show where they do a longer interview with their bell-ringing guests. This is an excellent way to broaden digital reach and create more content for their audience. They also produce other series like The Millennial Report on occasion.

Their varied streams allow them to reach all corners of their audience with bite-sized streams for anyone in a hurry, and more in-depth streams for others.

Jamba Juice rings the Nasdaq Opening Bell! $JMBA

Jamba Juice rings the Nasdaq Opening Bell! $JMBA

Posted by Nasdaq on miércoles, 4 de enero de 2017

Vidpresso’s platform allows Nasdaq to connect a full studio setup and multiple cameras directly to their Facebook audience, while still allowing them to customize the show for the live stream audience.

Mad Money Streams Live on Facebook


Jim Cramer has been hosting Mad Money on CNBC for over 10 years. Today his team pushed a 20 min live show to Facebook powered by Vidpresso.

Unlike his nightly 6 p.m. EST show on CNBC, Jim opened the show by introducing his team, from producers, to Keith the camera-man. He then gave some lite predictions about what the Fed was going to announce. As they showed the Fed’s announcement, Jim gave some commentary about what he was hearing. He then spent some time explaining what the 0.25% interest hike would mean for investors and bankers alike.

Facebook viewers asked questions and engaged directly with Jim throughout the entire show. The show included a live viewer question via Skype and they shared a poll asking about viewers’ biggest concerns surrounding the Fed’s decision. The stream had 13K views and over 80 shares. This is “TV without the Station.”

Cramer Discusses The Fed

The Fed's interest rate decision is FINALLY here. Jim Cramer was LIVE answering your questions, taking Skype calls, running polls, and talking implications. Cramer tells all.

Posted by Mad Money on miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Live Streaming Entertainment


Media outlets like Mashable and BuzzFeed use their live streams on Facebook to entertain their audiences while increasing brand awareness, loyalty and return viewers. Vidpresso helps improve the quality of their live streams while helping them increase their engagement and interaction.

Both BuzzFeed and Mashable have offices/studios in NYC and the LA area. They also each have multiple Facebook pages that they manage. Combined they create A LOT of entertainment content.

Some of their properties produce whimsical, strange or absurd content like BuzzFeed’s Bored AF page. You can often find them streaming try-new-food challenges or playing games live. The BuzzFeed Now page has a daily installment called Trending on Buzzfeed where they cover the daily trending stories for 30 min.

Mashable LA hosts a weekly talkshow on Cinefix where the hosts discuss the latest news and reviews in the movie industry. Mashable NY has several weekly shows like #Buttonmash and Talking Tech with Sam Sheffer.


Final Fantasy XV is out. Our gamers give you their first impressions on the highly anticipated game. #FFXV

Posted by Mashable – Tech on miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

It’s not just the media moguls who are making entertainment content. Even podcasts like Life of Dad are using Vidpresso to create engaging shows. Life of Dad hosts several weekly shows, including one called Dad Sing-Off that features two singing dads competing over several rounds for fame and glory.

Vidpresso Highlights From the Past Week


TED Creates a Worldwide Concert with Cellist Joshua Roman

Earlier this week TED set up a beautifully relaxing live stream with Joshua Roman playing all six suites for solo cello by Bach. The Stream lasted 2 hours and 40 min. In between each stream as Roman took a break, TED shared short videos and posted a graphic to keep viewers around. The stream averaged 12K viewers at any given time and ended with just under a million views.

Cellist Joshua Roman Plays All Six Bach Suites

Need a break? Listen to TED Fellow and cellist Joshua Roman play all six Bach Suites.

Posted by TED on martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

Buzzfeed’s 2020 Countdown Goes Viral

It’s been a busy couple weeks for Facebook Lives! The election alone created over four dozen live streams in one day. One of our favorite livestreams came on the heels of the election, Wednesday afternoon. Buzzfeed ran a 3.5 hour stream with nothing more than a fullscreen countdown to the 2020 election. The stream saw 39 million LIVE viewers with over 770K shares while it was live. It was a simple production underscored by some nice elevator music.

2020 Election Countdown

We're less than 4 years away!!

Posted by BuzzFeed on miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

One for the History Books


Yesterday’s election coverage was something to behold. Beyond the traditional mass media outlets, the online coverage was expansive. We saw all kinds of coverage from all the major news outlets and some great local coverage from lots of smaller news outfits.

Live streams on Facebook were a major source of information and engagement. From projection mapped buildings to hand colored election maps, and all the discussions in between. We thought it would be neat to look deeper into what part of that coverage we were able to assist in with our live streaming service.

Vidpresso was in the thick of it, powering an astounding 49 Facebook live streams in under 24 hours. Our platform facilitated nearly 31 hours of content produced by Reuters, NBC Universal, Fusion, and others. Coverage started with a first look at election day at 9:25am and ran into the early morning hours of Wednesday. A combined total of 22.4 million viewers watched and engaged with Vidpresso-powered live streams over that time. Remarkable. As a team, we’re excited to be a part of the rapid growth of live streaming as we offer tools for improved production quality and increased engagement.

Trump Speaks At Victory Party

Here's President-elect Donald Trump speaking to his victory party in New York City. #Election2016 // http://bzfd.it/2fBTSMg

Posted by BuzzFeed News on martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

We saw live reports from campaign headquarters around the nation, and several reports from major cities around the globe.

U.S. Election

Midnight and Michigan loom as markets crumble: We are #FacebookLive from Hong Kong to Trump's election party in New York City.

Posted by Reuters TV on martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Some of our favorite streams from election day include the hard-core news coverage and the softer side offering some relief for those who were suffering from voter fatigue.

#MashTheVote: Kittens

If you need a break from Election Night, find your happy place with kittens from the ASPCA! While you're at it, research shelters in your area to adopt your own. www.aspca.org/electtoadopt

Posted by Mashable on martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

Live Streaming Sports: Turner Sports


Turner Sports operates the productions for many sports channels from the PGA to NBA TV. They’ve used Vidpresso to cover everything from the NBA Summer league to the Ryder Cup.

Vidpresso gives them the tools to enhance their live coverage of sporting events and even helps as they bring their Facebook fans into events that aren’t traditionally broadcast live.

Recently, NBA TV went live from the Golden State Warriors Shootaround. Viewers on Facebook could see the team shooting around the arena and preparing for a game with Portland later that night.

After a few minutes “3D” Dennis Scott from NBA-TV jumped in to interview Steph Curry on his segment, Shooters Paradise.” Live viewers got to see some behind the scenes as Scott recorded his segment to air later. You can catch the entire 20 min stream here.

They’ve customized their graphics to match the broadcast counterparts and fully brand their live streams complete with event-specific bugs, lower thirds and even a scoring template.

They’ve also been able to monetize several of their streams by partnering with sponsors like Nike and Verizon to sponsor events like the Shootaround or the 2016 NBA Ring Ceremony. Vidpresso helps in their efforts by making sure they conform to Facebook’s branded content policy. You can watch the Ring Ceremony as it happened live on Facebook here.