Real-time and reusable reactions

We’re really excited about this feature launch. First off–real-time reactions. We know that the less lag in your stream, the better. And even though there’s always going to be a lag between the time that you make video, and the time your viewers see it on Facebook (typically ~6 seconds) we’re working to make the lag time between the time your viewers react to your content and you seeing it even lower.

Now, with our new streaming real-time reactions feature, as soon as someone clicks “like,” “love,” or any of the reactions on Facebook, it’ll show up in Vidpresso within a second. This means that the polls that you show your viewers will update faster than before, and your poll results will look more lively than before.

This is a new feature to which Facebook has given us special access, and we’re super grateful to them. Thanks Facebook!

The second part of this feature is even more fun. Before, when you’d vote using reactions, you’d only get one vote per stream. That means if a user clicked “Like”, they could only vote “Like” once, and couldn’t ever vote “Like” again in any future polls in the same stream. That’s kind of boring.

Now, every time a user clicks a reaction it gets counted, which means users can vote as many times per stream as they want. Each time they click, it counts, so you can have reaction battles for certain topics. Encourage your viewers to vote more than once, and get even better engagement with your audience.

We think the combination of these two features make reactions even better than before. We really encourage Vidpresso customers to use them more than ever before. These features are now live right now so give them a try!

For more on reactions, check out our support page on reaction polls within Facebook.