Vidpresso Lands 2 of the Top 5 Facebook Live Streams of 2016

Facebook just shared their annual Year in Review stats. They traditionally list the Top 10 global topics, like “Pokemon Go,” “Brexit,” and “The US Presidential Election.” However, this year they included a list of the Top Ten global Live videos from 2016. This list of Live was based on total cumulative views.

Vidpresso powered 2 of the top 5 Facebook Live streams this year. Buzzfeed’s Countdown to the next presidential election landed at number 3 with over 51 million views. NBC News’ Election results was number 5 with 36 million views. Notice that both of these live streams were extremely timely and relatively simple in their production and they were quite shareable. It’s interesting to note that BuzzFeed’s countdown stream actually grabbed more than half of it’s total views while it was still live! (We wrote about it in this post.)

You can see the entire list here on Facebook. Facebook’s 2016 Year in Review