You can animate the way posts move on or off the screen and how the background might tilt or move.

Backgrounds and Resolutions

Design to whatever your output resolution is. For example if you are designing for 1080p you will want to design your files at 1920px × 1080px.

Elements to Keep In Mind

Each social network allows different things, but we've tried to standardize them to fit together. You can style any of these elements however you want (color, fonts, placements, etc).


Stencils can use traditional chroma and luma key backgrounds. We recommend chroma, as it causes less issues.

Output Styles

There are many different ways to send Vidpresso to air. Depending on the show and the content you may want completely different layouts, luckily, you have a lot of control over where pretty much any element can be placed.


When designing a Vidpresso output there are lots of things to keep in mind.

Add A Custom Post

Custom Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts can be added to playlist. This can be useful if you want to display an old post and it is too far down to select from a Channel. If you have the permalink to a post you can just pasted it into the field in the "Add Post" dialogue (this is currently only supported for Twitter and Instagram)

Banning Users & Content

If you would like to ban a specific user you can do this from the Social Network Channel. There will be an "x" at the top right of a user's post which reveal a "Ban User" Option. Users can be removed from the banned list in "Settings" -> "Banned Content".

Channel Creation

Channels are where you start sorting the content you would like to send to air. Right now three channel types are supported: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Channels can be created for either a user's profile (where all of their posts will show up) or can be created for a search term or hashtag.

Edit Post Content

Vidpresso allows you to edit the content of a post to remove banned words or characters. To edit a post click the pencil in the post. Once you've made your changes click the green check box to finish.

Filter Channels

Channels can be filtered to look for keywords or show only posts which contain photos or videos (right now only instagram videos are supported). Filtering is useful for finding posts with specific content especially posts with only photos or videos.

Facebook Comments

Comments on a post in Facebook can be added to playlists and sent to air just like any other type of post. To see the comments for a post just click on "Comments" on the top right of the post itself.

Output Settings

On the top left side of the producer window you will see the "Output Settings" panel.

Playlist Management

Playlists are a great way to manage what content you want to send to air. Instead of manually selecting posts from a channel a playlist gives you a good way to manage the posts for each play-out.

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