Playlist Management

Playlists are a great way to manage what content you want to send to air. Instead of manually selecting posts from a channel a playlist gives you a good way to manage the posts for each play-out.

To create a playlist just hit the "Create Playlist" button in the left sidebar. A playlist can be deleted by clicking the gear icon next to its name.

To add content to a playlist just click the Add to Playlist button which is displayed under each post in a channel.

Playlist items can also be rearranged by dragging each post above and below each other.

Once you have populated your playlist with the content you want you can either have the playlist play automatically through the posts or you can send them to air manually using the "Send to Air" button on each post.

The Load option will load all of the posts in your playlist into the currently open output. Loading the playlist before sending things to air is a good idea because it will cache the playlist in the output which helps reduce the time it takes a post to send to air.

The Play option will play through the playlist once until it gets to the end. Play automatically calculates how long a post is and leaves it on the screen for a given amount of time per word before it pushes the next post. You will also see a Playing status show up next to the playlists name in the sidebar.

To quickly Play or Pause a playlist you can hit the spacebar.

The Loop option allows the playlist to start over once it gets to the end of the playlist.

Note: If you are adding more content to a playlist which is looping you will have to hit Play on the playlist again for the new content to appear in the loop.

There are also bulk actions for playlists. By clicking the checklist icon next to the "Load" button you can clear a playlist, randomize it, or delete certain entries.

This will also allow you to quickly clear a playlist instead of having to delete each entry, or delete the playlist and create it again.

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