Social Video

Note: Contact us to update your stencils to support social video

Sending video to air is easy with Vidpresso. You can send Instagram (other services coming soon) videos to air quickly and easily just like you would send any other social media to air.

First, create an Instagram channel for the user or search term you would like to use.

Once you have you're channel you will be able to filter it by video by using the filter options at the top of the channel.

You can then preview the video by clicking the play button on the post, this will expand into the right pane to give you a preview.

You can add these posts to playlists as well. If you have the permalink to a specific video you would like to use you can add it directly to playlist using the "Add Post" button at the top or bottom of a playlist. More on how to get Instagram permalinks here.

If you intend to also use the audio from the videos you will need to run the audio-out from the computer running the Vidpresso output into you engineering stack.

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