Setup and Usage of the Tabs System - iNEWS

iNEWS MOS Config

In the mosconfig.xml file, add the Vidpresso MOS device to the tag


  <prependStringForEmptyPageNumber>NO PAGE</prependStringForEmptyPageNumber>

    <statusUnavailable>NOT READY</statusUnavailable>


On your MOS Gateway, ensure you have an entry in the hosts file for vpmos.

For instance:


Should contain  localhost vpmos

Obviously you'll want to pick the static IP for the vpmos computer and enter it here.

In iNews, add the following to the System/mos-map file

DEVICE  devicename
vpmos vpmos

In the System/map file, add the following to each show you'd like to have use the rundown:

vpmos vpmos - storytext

example: show.rundown - - 0100
mossvr    gateway   -    mosrundown
   mos    device    -    storytext
   mos    vpmos     -    storytext

Adding the fields

If you're not using the standard "rundown" and "storyform" forms, you'll need to modify these instruction to fit your system.


Next to an existing field, right click and select "Insert Field". In the dialog that opens, duplicate the settings below:

When done, click "OK" and repeat the process to create the following field:

Now that we've configured the StoryForm, lets add the fields to the Rundown. (This step is optional, but if you don't do it you'll have to select each story individually to add a headline & qualifier)

Click save to save your changes.


Right click where you'd like to add the fields and select "Insert Field". Create both fields using the images above. When complete, click save to save your changes.

Setup station

Every installation of Station requires a custom version, provided by Vidpresso. Please contact Vidpresso with the following information so we can prepare Vidpresso Station:

  • MOS Hostname and IP of primary MOS server
  • IP and Hostname of system that will be running Vidpresso Station

From there, Vidpresso will configure the vpmos computer to work with your environment.

When you've received the Vidpresso Station application from Vidpresso, drag it to the applications folder and then double click to start Vidpresso Station.

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